Firefox Extensions By Chuck Baker

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Latest: Ver 8.0

Go to the top (or bottom) of a page with a single click.

Now available for Chrome

Firefox environment backup extension FEBE
Latest: Ver

Firefox Environment Backup Extension.

Backup all your Firefox data (extensions, themes, bookmarks, cookies, and much more).

Paste Email Paste Email &
Paste Email Plus
Latest: Ver 4.1

Paste any text in any text input box.

Now available for Chrome

Latest: Ver 6.1
Compact Library Extension Organizer. Combine your extensions/themes into a single, installable xpi.

Latest: beta

Thunderbird Environment Backup Extension

Latest: Ver 6.6
Ordered Preference Import/Export. Export/import your extension preferences (options).
Latest: Ver 1.0
Extension Conflict Troubleshooter for Firefox

JavaScript Object Examiner
Latest: Ver 2.0beta
Examine JavaScript object methods and properties. An extension developers extension.

Support Forum Support Forum

Something doesn't work? Got a support question?

(Alternate support forum on mozillaZine for users that cannot access the regular forum)

Latest: Ver
Remember your position on any page.

For Chrome only