FEBE 6.0 Firefox Environment Backup Extension

FEBE 7.0, CLEO 5.0, OPIE 3.0 betas
Firefox: 4.0b1 – 5.*

Warning: These are beta releases and may contain bugs (none too serious, I hope). 

Ongoing discussion in the Support Forum.  Please report bugs!

You must have javascript enabled to install the xpis from this page.  All known bugs carry over unless expressly mentioned as fixed.

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Note:  All stable releases for FEBE, CLEO  and OPIE are now available exclusively on their respective homepages or on the AMO site.  This page is only for pre-releases.

July 4, 2011

FEBE 7.0beta7
CLEO 5.0beta2
OPIE 3.0beta
  • Changed: Cosmetic changes to options windows
  • Fixed: Export FEBE prefs now allows UTF-8 characters
  • New: FEBE results now shows ignored items
  • Fixed: "Display progress window" option now works correctly
  • Fixed: Lightweight themes (personas) now recognized in FEBE Options > Advanced >Check AddonsManager functionality.
  • Fixed: Ignore list changes take effect immediately instead of requiring a browser restart.
  • Fixed:  FEBE Options window now remembers the last size and position it was opened.
  • New: Globally installed extensions now identified in FEBE Options > Advanced >Check AddonsManager functionality.
  • New: Added FEBE to Fx app menu (that orange button "thingy")
  • New: Added "Days to wait" for backup on startup/shutdown.
  • Changed: CLEO and OPIE maxVersion set to Fx 5.*
  • Known bug:  Only the en-US locales are complete.  All other locales will have some english entities.  Updates will be released when available.
June 22, 2011

FEBE 7.0beta6
  • Changed: Compatible with Firefox 5.x
  • Fixed: Clear FEBE preferences now deletes/resets ignore list data.
  • New: Locales updated (most still not complete)
  • Known bug:  Lightweight themes (personas) not recognized in FEBE Options > Advanced >Check AddonsManager functionality.
June 12, 2011

FEBE 7.0beta5
  • Fixed: Restore preferences now prompts correctly
  • Fixed: Restore cookies allows for third-party cookies.
  • New: Added locales for bg-BG,ca-AD,cs,cs-CZ,da,de,el,es-ES,et-EE,fa-IR,fi-FI,fr,gl-ES,he,he-IL,hr-HR,hu-HU,it-IT,ja-JP,ko-KR,nl,pl,pt-BR,pt-PT,ro-RO,ru-RU,sk-SK,sl-SI,sr,sv-SE,tr-TR,uk,uk-UA,vi,zh-CN,zh-TW.  While none of the locales have been fully translated (some entities are still in English), at least they now exists and any FEBE missing locale generated problems should be resolved.
May 15, 2011

FEBE 7.0beta4
  • New: Added "Check Addons Manager functionality" routine in advanced options.
  • Fixed: Minor bugs in "Ignore list" and "Verify extensions"
  • New: Added "View backup history" to FEBE Options > Where to backup
  • Fixed: Backup on shutdown/startup now works correctly.
  • Known bug:  FEBE doesn't process globally installed extensions. I'm not sure if FEBE will include this functionality in the future.
April 29, 2011

FEBE 7.0beta3
  • New: Added observers to notify FEBE when asynchronous routines are completed.  This should eliminate "No extensions found" messages and partial backups.
  • Fixed: Fixed donation link in FEBE Options > Info
  • Fixed: Clear backup desitnation directory warning now works.
  • Fixed: Results page not saved when that option is off. 
  • New: Added option to change FEBE sounds to user-defined .wav files.
March 25, 2011

FEBE 7.0beta2
  • Fixed: Fix for international characters in pathnames
  • New: Added "Run asynchronously" option
  • Changed: Removed "Verify backups (experimental)" option
March 5, 2011

FEBE 7.0beta1
CLEO 5.0beta1

  • Added hooks for CLEO 5.0
  • New: FEBE preference "FEBE debug mode" in FEBE Options > Advanced > Advanced preferences. (Not yet fully implemented)
  • Zip routine faster (benchmarks show up to 10x faster)
  • New: Tooltips added to results report.
  • Fixed: FEBE now reports correct number of pending extensions (if any) prior to backup.
  • Fixed: Empty directory is no longer created if backup is aborted.
  • New: Verify backups option (experimental)
  • New: HTML bookmarks restore can overwrite or merge
  • New: Cookies restore can overwrite or merge
  • New: Option to ignore cache and phishing database
  • New: Added "Directory info" panel under FEBE Options > Advanced pane.
  • Fixed: FEBE preferences import/export now functional
  • New: Backup/restore lightweight themes (Personas)
  • New: "Ignore list" allows selecting extensions/themes that will be ignored during backup. (See FEBE Options > What to backup > Ignore list)
  • New: Tighter error checking during backup.  If an item fails, user has the options of skipping that item and continuing, or aborting.
  • Known bug:  Quick Backup ignores personas.
  • New: Option to address script timeout errors (See FEBE Options > Advanced > Advanced preferences)

  • Verify extension count is now correct.
  • Quick backup no longer shows plugins
  • FEBE uses the <em:unpack> install.rdf directive.  This means that FEBE will always install in a directory (like it used to) instead of remaining as an xpi.  This was necessary because FEBE requires access to files (like the results report, etc.) that can be copied/modified during a backup.  Chrome files cannot be copied (at least not easily or efficiently).
  • FEBE now maintains a list of extensions/themes that it cannot backup or process.  There are currently three items on this list, but will be updated as needed:   
  1. .NET Framework Assistant for Firefox
  2. Firefox default theme
  3. Google Gears plugin
  • Added new FEBE preference "Chrome script timeout (seconds)" so user may set the Firefox preference "dom.max_chrome_script_run_time" to a value that will allow FEBE to complete without "Script is busy" error message.
  • Import/Export FEBE preferences now implemented.

  • Removed "Include global extensions" option (Fx 4.x no longer recognizes global extensions).
  • "Verify extensions" now works correctly.  Removed "strict" and "lenient" modes.  If the extension is recognized by the new Addon Manager, FEBE considers it valid.
  • Backup now recognizes .xpis in the extension directory
  • Backup ingores Google Gears and .NET Framework Assistant for Firefox plugins
  • Import/Export FEBE preferences not yet completed
  • Full profile backups named profileFx4{profileName}.xpi.  FEBE will still restore Fx 3.x profile backups.
  • User-defined backup "save" and "Ignore" buttons back and working.. 
  • Modal windows acting correctly now.
  • Quick backup working correctly now.
  • Verify Extensions routine working.
  • For Firefox 4.x only.
  • Contains en-US locale only.
  • First beta release. 
  • If attempting to restore an incompatible extension or theme, FEBE fails quietly with no warning message.
  • Form fill history restore is buggy.
  • Quick backup not working yet.
  • For Firefox 4.x only.
  • Contains en-US locale only.

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