FEBE by Chuck Baker Firefox Environment Backup Extension

FEBE 8.7 Released

FEBE allows you to quickly and easily backup your Firefox extensions. In fact, it goes beyond just backing up -- It will actually rebuild your extensions individually into installable .xpi files. Now you can easily synchronize your office and home browsers.

FEBE backs up and restores your extensions, themes, and (optionally) your bookmarks, preferences, cookies. and much more.

Backup as little or as much of your Firefox environment as you wish. Perform backups on demand or schedule daily, weekly, or monthly unattended runs. Sequential backups can be stored in timestamped directories so you can restore back as far as you like.

You may specify "User-defined" items to have FEBE backup Thunderbird, Greasemonkey scripts, or virtually any data on your computer - Firefox related or not.

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Firefox versions Firefox 3.0 and above Windows
Mac OS X
Mac OS X
Tested on XP, Vista and Windows 7 FEBE version 4.0 and above FEBE version 5.0 and above

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Version history (FEBE 8.0)

May 17, 2015: Version 8.7 (1,266 kb)    Install     Download    Donate $4.99 via PayPal
  • FEBE progress window will now remember the last position it was displayed.
  • A link to the FEBE support forum is available from the FEBE menu.
  • For Firefox v36.0 - v40.0a2
  • Please report any problems encountered in the FEBE support forum.
May 3, 2015: Version 8.7beta (1,266 kb)    Install     Download
  • Check the file size of formfill history, permissions, and cookies and if zero-length, do not attempt to backup.
  • FEBE will now recognize newly installed 'restartless' addons immediately.
  • FEBE will not try to contact AMO for extension information while performing a Full Profile backup
  • A problem with the routine that contacts AMO has been fixed so the "FEBE was unable to load the extension data in real-time before the backup." message should not occur as often.
  • For Firefox v36.0 - v39.0a2
  • Please report any problems encountered in the FEBE support forum.
March 28, 2015: Version 8.6 (1,265 kb)    Install     Download   
  • Same as v8.6beta2.
  • Same version that is available on AMO
  • Please report any problems encountered in the FEBE support forum.
March 23, 2015: Version 8.6beta2 (1,265 kb)    Install     Download 
  • When creating/restoring full profile, an option to create a desktop icon is available (Windows only)
  • Most current locales
  • For Fx v36 - v38.a2
  • Please report any problems encountered in the FEBE support forum.
March 20, 2015: Version 8.6beta (1,265 kb)    Install     Download
  • More reliable checks for items on file to backup (e.g, cookies, permissions, etc.)
  • All sqlite calls are now asynchronous
  • Remove deprecated XPCOM calls
  • Added hooks for creating desktop shortcut when creating a new profile during profile restore (not yet implemented)
  • For Fx v36 - v38.a2
  • Please report any problems encountered in the FEBE support forum.
  March 6, 2015: Version 8.5.2 (1,258 kb)    Install     Download
February 28, 2015: Version 8.5.1 (1,258 kb)    Install     Download 
  • Fix for some user-defined backups freezing the backup
  • Fx 36 has broken the error console (i.e., FEBE debug mode).  This will be fixed in release 8.6 or sooner.
  • Please report any problems encountered in the FEBE support forum.
February 27, 2015: Version 8.5 (1,258 kb)    Install     Download
  • Fix for restore profile (file permissions issue)
  • Removed "Select online backup to restore" button
  • Cookies, formfill history, and permissions backups are compared to the current respective sqlite files.  Restores cannot be performed if they are not compatible.
  • NOTE: FEBE v8.5 may not be able to restore cookies, formfill history or permissions that were backed up with previous FEBE versions or previous Firefox versions.  FEBE v8.5 is for Firefox v36 and above and may not properly restore backups of some Firefox data prior to v35.
  • Bookmarks restore (.json) now allows for 'Merge' or 'Overwrite'.  (Bookmarks (.html) restore has always had this option.)
  • FEBE v8.4 had some problems recognizing valid backups for usernames-passwords (and possibly other items) and would not allow a restore.  This has been fixed in v8.5.
February 14, 2015: Version 8.4 (1,258 kb)    (REMOVED)
January 19, 2015: Version 8.3.1 (1,345 kb)    Install     Download
  • Fix for restore profile (file permissions issue)
  • Removed "Select online backup to restore" button
  • This is the version available on AMO (after full review).
January 18, 2015: Version 8.3 (1,345 kb)     Install      Download
  • No "Invalid date" messages. Should display "(unknown)" or "Never" when applicable.
  • Better error trapping for restore formfill history.
January 5, 2015: Version 8.3rc (1,342 kb)      Install      Download
  • Added "AMO Rating" to tooltips on FEBE results report
  • Fix for duplicate "OK" button in FEBE options window (Mac and Linux).
  • Non-English locales contain some English strings. Finished locales will be included in the v8.3 final release.
December 17, 2014: Version 8.3beta (1,336 kb) Install Download
  • FEBE now checks for the existence of 'cache2' when determining 'Ignore cache' setting.
  • FEBE color scheme tweaked for a softer tone.
  • FEBE color scheme is now optional. See FEBE options > Advanced > Miscellaneous > FEBE colors
  • There appears to be two different versions of permissions.sqlite in the wild. FEBE will now determine which version is in use and backup/restore accordingly.
  • FEBE will no longer attempt to restore an empty backup file. A warning is displayed and the restore aborted.
  • English (en-US) locales only for this beta release. Finished locales will be included in the v8.3 final release.

December 6, 2014: Version 8.2 (1,364 kb) Install Download
November 28, 2014: Version 8.2beta (1,364 kb) Install Download
October 31, 2014: Version 8.1beta2 (1,322 kb) Install Download
  • Shortcut key for FEBE backup: Shift-Ctrl-Alt-B (Windows and Linux) or Shift-Command-Option-B (Mac)
  • Shortcut key for FEBE options: Shift-Ctrl-Alt-F (Windows and Linux) or Shift-Command-Option-F (Mac)
  • Progress window now properly displays backup progress
October 13, 2014: Version 8.1beta (1,223 kb) Install Download
  • Updated with the latest locales available
  • For Fx 24.0 - 35.0a1
  • Fixed date storage issue that was affecting missed backup notices (DD/MM/YYYY vs MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Added "Remind on startup if scheduled backup is missed - If canceled, remind again after XX minutes" in 'When to backup' pane.
  • Added warning if scheduled backup was missed in 'When to backup' pane.
  • Fixed user-defined backup. Now restore file open window correctly filters for filename/type.
  • Fixed permissions restore
  • Modified code to be ES6 compliant
  • Works with Pale Moon 25.0.1
September 13, 2014: Version 8.0.5 (1,223 kb) Install Download
  • Updated with the latest locales available
  • For Fx 29 - 32
  • Tweak for bookmarks backups
  • Pale Moon 24.7.2 users, please use this version: febe-8.0.5-pm.xpi (minVersion 24.0)
May 25, 2014: Version 8.0.4 (1,151 kb) Install Download
  • Updated with the latest locales available
  • This is the version now available on AMO
May 9, 2014: Version 8.0.3 (1,151 kb) Install Download
  • Updated with the latest locales available
  • This is the version now awaiting review on AMO
  • Previous beta versions available here.
May 2, 2014: Version 8.0.2 (1,151 kb) Install Download
  • Fixes for Fx 29 (Australis)
  • Backup should no longer hang while creating results page.
  • Bookmarks(JSON) backup should now not display warning in error console.
  • Previous beta versions available here.
April 28, 2014: Version 8.0.1 (1,151 kb) Install Download
  • AMO requested fixes
  • FEBE statusbar icon available from toolbar
  • Please report any problems encountered in the FEBE support forum thread.
  • NOTE: See this post if you are using FEBE 8.0.1 and Firefox 29.
  • Previous beta versions available here.
April 9, 2014: Version 8.0 (1,429 kb) Install Download
  • FEBE code completely rewritten to wrap all functions into a single object (AMO recommendation)
  • Added Dropbox support, removed Box.net support
  • Support added for up to three additional backup locations for webDAV, CDs, DVDs, thumbdrives, networked drives, etc.
  • Profile backup name now contains the Firefox version number.
  • Added 'Grace period" (seconds) to backup on startup/shutdown.
  • Added 'Tolerance' (seconds) for determining if scheduled backup was missed
  • Scheduled backup UI redesigned
  • No restart needed when changing backup schedule
  • New option: Perform delayed backup
  • Items can be added to ignore list during backup
  • Created function to test backup directory permissions
  • Created function to list all add-ons
  • Created function to manually load and save extension data
  • If FEBE cannot load the extension data in real-time, a saved copy of the data will be used instead.
  • Please report any problems encountered in the FEBE support forum thread.
  • Previous beta versions available here.

Version history (FEBE 7.x):

June 2, 2013: Version (1,227 kb) Install Download
  • Scheduled backups now have a +/- 90 second tolerance to allow for network/PC clock mis-synchronization
  • FEBE Results page now uploads to Box.net correctly tagged as "other"
  • For Fx 14.0.* - 24.0a1
May 18, 2013: Version (1,227 kb) Install Download
  • Box.net uploads are now asynchronous.
  • Attempts to change old backup permissions so they may be deleted.
  • For Fx 14.0.* - 24.0a1
April 8, 2013: Version 7.3.0 (1,230 kb) Install Download
  • Essentially the same as V7.3. Mostly minor code clean-up
  • FEBE Options > Advanced > Verify extension directory and Check Add-on manager functionality now working.
  • Note: This version no longer supports Firefox versions prior to 14.
  • For Fx 14.0.* - 22.0a1

March 29, 2013: Version 7.3 (1,230 kb) Install Download
  • Internal code changes to remove/update modules that changed since Fx 14.
  • Box.net auto-upload on shutdown backup now working.
  • If Box.net auto-upload is turned on, all backups are run in synchronous mode. This is to ensure the backups complete before the upload starts.
  • Note: This version no longer supports Firefox versions prior to 14.
  • For Fx 14.0.* - 22.0a1

March 16, 2013: Version 7.2.1pre (1,238 kb) Install Download
  • Fix for backup on shutdown (backup on shutdown is now always synchronous. A little slower, but more dependable.
  • For Fx 4.0.* - 22.0a1
  • Browser history restore now working.

March 1, 2013: Version 7.2pre (1,237 kb) Install Download
  • Fix for bookmarks (HTML) backup problem introduced in Fx 20
  • Minor cosmetic changes and link fixes
  • For Fx 4.0.* - 20.*
  • Known bug: Cannot restore browser history. Fix pending

January 1, 2013: Version 7.1 (1.23 MB) Install Download
  • Removed .jar archives for better compatibility with Firefox Nightlies.
  • Fix for bookmarks.html restore problem introduced in Fx 14.
  • For Fx 4.0.* - 19.*

December 10, 2012: Version (1.09 MB) Install Download
  • Fix for backing up/restoring formfill history problem introduced in Fx 15.
  • For Fx 4.0.* - 17.*

November 30, 2012: Version (1.05 MB) Install Download
  • Fix for restoring browser history problem introduced in Fx 15.
  • For Fx 4.0.* - 17.*

June 8, 2012: Version (1.05 MB) Install Download
  • Now installs correctly on *nix platforms (Linux and Mac)
  • Internal code changes requested by Mozilla
  • For Fx 4.0.* - 13.*

May 24, 2012: Version (1.05 MB) Install Download
  • Fix for changes to Box.net (Box.com) authentication method effective 06/30/2012
  • Box.net restore window now displays correct root directory name

April 23, 2012: Version (1.05 MB) Install Download
  • For Fx 4.0.* - 12.*
  • Same as v7.0.3.2 but with a maxVersion bump

January 17, 2012: Version (1.05 MB) Install Download
  • For Fx 4.0.* - 10.*
  • Same as v7.0.3.1 but with a maxVersion bump

October 16, 2011: Version (1.05 MB) Install Download
  • For Fx 4.0.* - 8.*
  • FEBE ignore list now correctly handles global and proxy addons

September 3, 2011: Version 7.0.2 (1.04 MB) Install Download
  • Fix Quick Backup
  • Updated locales

July 25, 2011: Version 7.0.1 (1.05 MB) Install Download
  • For Fx 4.0.* - 5.*
  • Fix for Mac profile restore filePicker
  • Ignore global extensions fix
  • Other small fixes requested by AMO reviewers

July 15, 2011: Version 7.0 (1.08 MB) Install Download
  • For Fx 4.0.* - 5.*
  • Initial final release

Version history (FEBE 6.x):

May 22, 2010: Version (873 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Box.net online restore tweak
  • For Fx 3.0.* - 3.7a4pre

May 16, 2010: Version (873 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Box.net online restore
  • Changed: No longer uses enablePrivilege code (Support being removed from Firefox)
  • For Fx 3.0.* - 3.7a4pre

May 7, 2010: Version 6.3.3 (873 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Now uses secure (https) protocol for Box.net interface for both paid and free accounts
  • Changed: Minor cosmetic changes to UI
  • For Fx 3.0.* - 3.7a4pre

March 8, 2010: Version (873 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Outdated links
  • Fixed: Minor edits that do not affect functionality
  • For Fx 3.0.* - 3.7a1pre

November 7, 2009: Version 6.3.2 (883 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Missing BoxNet.html file
  • For Fx 3.0.* - 3.6.*

October 31, 2009: Version 6.3.1 (882 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Box.net timestamp folders now populate correctly.
  • Fixed: Box.net upload window correctly obeys "Display upload progress window?" option when initiating upload from toolbar menu.
  • Fixed: Option window now shows properly in Minefield 3.7 nightlies.
  • For Fx 3.0.* - Minefiled 3.7a1pre

October 13, 2009: Version 6.3 (882 KB) Install Download
  • Basically the same as 6.3beta1 but with current completed locales.

September 7, 2009: Version 6.3beta1 (867 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Statusbar icon from appearing when multiple windows are open (and "Hide statusbar icons" option is set)
  • Fixed: Results report now appears in controlling window instead of the most current window.
  • New: Added user-defined Box.net backup root directory
  • New: Added timestamped directory option for Box.net uploads
  • Note: Currently only works with en-US locale. Newly added strings have not been translated yet and are missing from all other locales.

July 26, 2009: Version 6.2.0 (865 KB) Install Download
  • Completed locales:
    en-US, es-ES, gl-ES, nl-NL, pl-PL, pt-BR, sk-SK, zh-CN, zh-TW
  • Incomplete locales (missing strings replaced with en-US):
    bg-BG, ca-AD, cs-CZ, da-DK, de-DE, el-GR, et-EE, fa-IR, fi-FI, fr-FR, he-IL, hr-HR, hu-HU, it-IT, ja-JP, ko-KR, pt-PT, ro-RO, ru-RU, sl-SI, sr-RS, sv-SE, tr-TR, uk-UA, vi-VN,
  • As new locales are released, they will be listed here. If the only change is the addition of a released locale, the FEBE version will not change (i.e., remain as 6.2.0) but the release date will update.

July 1, 2009: Version 6.2beta3 (778 KB) Install Download
  • New: Restore profile function re-written. Now includes the option to create a new profile (in the Fx default directory) to expedite full profile restores. Also allows profile restores to non-default locations.
  • New: Option to restart Firefox with the newly restored profile (or any selected profile for that matter)
  • New: Added "Total processing time:" to results page. Displays the number of seconds the backp took to perform.
  • New: "Verify extensions" function now offers a "Strict" and "Lenient" mode. "Lenient" mode allows extensions with malformed email format ids.
  • Fixed: Various minor bugs and enhancements
  • Important: A serious bug that affected full profile backups was discoverd a few hours after this version was posted here. If you installed FEBE 6.2beta3 on July 1st, you should re-install to make sure you have the fixed version.

June 4, 2009: Version 6.2beta2 (772 KB) Install Download
  • New: Option to prompt before backup on startup/shutdown
  • Fixed: "Run-away" backups when no scheduled backup was set

June 1, 2009: Version 6.2beta1 (771 KB) Install Download
  • Please use Version 6.2beta2 - Version beta1 contains a bug that performs continuous backups when no scheduled backup is set.
  • Changed: More robust error trapping
  • New: Bookmarks are now backed up in .json and/or .html format. Favicons are included in .html backup.
  • New: Option to disable missed scheduled backup notification
  • New: Option for results page format - "Detail" or "Summary"
  • Fixed: "Include FEBE with backup" option. It now works again.
  • New: Option to display upload window
  • New: Option to display message alerts as "Sliders" or "Standard" (a mostly Mac issue)
  • Fixed: Upgraded sounds from 88kbps mono to 1411kbps stereo. Now works on Vista. (These sound files are much larger, unfortunately, and account for the substantial increase in the installable .xpi file.)
  • Changed: Scheduled backup warning now occurs one minute before backup starts.
  • New: FEBE scheduled backups now work correctly when more than one browser window is opened. One window is assigned as the "controller" and passes the torch when closed.
  • Other minor bug fixes

February 28, 2009: Version 6.1 (483 KB) Install Download
  • Essentially the same as FEBE 6.1beta3 but with all current locales.
  • Same as released on AMO

February 14, 2009: Version 6.1beta3 (479 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: "Invalid date" message when scheduled backup was missed.
  • Fixed(?): Yet another attempt to fix the "progress window not closing" problem.
  • Fixed: Restore extensions problem when backup destination directory contained certain characters (e.g., "#").
  • Changed: If "Include a copy of FEBE with backup" is checked, only one copy will get backed up. In other words, if "Backup extensions" is checked for a selective backup, FEBE already gets backed up as it is an extension like all the others. No reason to back it up twice.
  • Fixed: Modal windows on Mac do not display properly. I just made them non-modal where necessary.
  • New: Added "Both" and "Alternate" backup types in addition to "Full profile" and "Selective".
  • Fixed: Scheduled backup only runs in the most current window when more than one window is open.
  • New: Clicking statusbar icon gives more information and option to backup now.
  • Fixed: Security updates
  • New: Added extension/theme descriptions to results page.
  • Known issues: Only en-US locales are complete at this time - all other locales contain some English strings. Beta3 will be updated as other locales become available.

December 9, 2008: Version 6.1beta2 (475 KB) Install Download Donate $1.99 via PayPal
  • Fixed: Various minor bugs
  • New: Maxversion bumped to Fx 3.1. Still testing, may has some issues - please report
  • Known issues: External dialog windows not working with Fx3.1 (Bug 458898) This includes box.net upload window and others.
  • Changed: Locales updated. - some partial

November 28, 2008: Version 6.1beta (430 KB) Install Download Donate $1.99 via PayPal
  • New: Integrated restores from Box.net
  • New: Option to backup globally installed extensions/themes
  • New: Options to backup on browser startup and/or shutdown
  • Fixed: "Verify extension directory" now checks for valid folder names
  • Fixed: "Backup already in progress" looped under certain conditions
  • Known issues: Only en-US locale is complete
  • Known issues: For Fx 3.0.* - Not yet tested with Fx 3.1

September 22, 2008: Version 6.0.3 (417 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Cookies with initial dot in host name now restore correctly.
  • Fixed: Invalid Box.net username/password does not generate FEBE crashing error.
  • Changed: Locales updated.

September 8, 2008: Version 6.0.2 (423 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Username/password containing international characters will now backup/restore (Mozilla bug 439711)

August 29, 2008: Version 6.0.1 (423 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Confirm dialog windows not appearing under some conditions.
  • Fixed: No results report when "Display progress window" option not checked.
  • Fixed: Certain options not enabled/disabled when supposed to.
  • Fixed: Box.net interface is more stable
  • Fixed: Error message properly displayed when attempting to restore a profile when only one profile exists.
  • Fixed: QuickBackup not recognizing unselected extensions after "Select all" and unchecking some items.
  • Fixed: Cookie backup not getting some properties correctly

August 9, 2008: Version 6.0 (241 KB) Install (AMO) Download
  • Firefox 3.0 and above only. For Firefox 2.x, use FEBE 5.x (see below)
  • New: FEBE 6.0 uses native Firefox zip/unzip components. Much, much faster than previous FEBE versions that depended on external, third-party utilities.
  • New: Upload backups to your Box.net account automatically or with a single click.
  • New: Verify your extension directory. Upgrading to Fx 3.0 sometimes leaves garbage in the extensions directory. FEBE can clean it up.
  • New: Quick Backup. You can quickly backup as many or as few individual extensions/themes as you like. They can be saved together in a single, installable xpi file (Similar to CLEO).

FEBE 5.x - For Firefox 2.x:

February 1, 2008 : Version 5.3.1 (770 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: pt-PT and uk-UA locales fixed
  • Fixed: Leap year bug in scheduled monthly backups
January 26, 2008 : Version 5.3 (770 KB) Install Download
  • Includes all changes since v5.1.1 (essentially the same as v5.2.3)
  • This is the version posted on AMO.
December 29, 2007 : Version 5.2.3 (762 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Full Profile backup for Fx 3.0 beta (XPCOM nsIFileSpec removed, places.sqlite-journal is locked - ignored)
December 25, 2007 : Version 5.2.2 (762 KB) Install Download
  • New: uk-UA locale added
December 17, 2007 : Version 5.2.1 (762 KB) Install Download
  • Changed: Debug shell buttons now use %COMSPEC% instead of hard-coding to "C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe"
  • New: pt-PT locale added

December 1, 2007 : Version 5.2 (753 KB) Install Download
  • New: Delay "Backup reminder" popup until Fx fully loads
  • Fixed: Fixed statusbar icon from appearing during scheduled backup when "Hide icons" is checked.
  • Changed: Firefox max version set to 3b2 (Firefox 3 beta 2)

November 5, 2007 : Version 5.1.2beta2 (754 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Fixed a condition that prevented progress window from closing
  • New: More checks for runaway backup

October 31, 2007 : Version 5.1.2beta (754 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Fixed statusbar icon problem (not turning off after scheduled backup)
  • New: Added date to results report
  • Locales: Same as 5.1.1

October 24, 2007 : Version 5.1.1 (752 KB) Install Download
  • Fixed: Important bug fix (affected bookmarks restore among other things)
  • Changed: Locales: bg-BG, da-DK, de-DE, el-GR, en-US, es-ES, fa-IR, fi-FI, fr-FR, he-IL, hr-HR, it-IT, ja-JP, ko-KR, nl-NL, pl-PL, pt-BR, ro-RO, ru-RU, sk-SK, sv-SE, tr-TR, uk-UA, zh-CN,
  • New: Added pt-BR locale, updated nl-NL locale

October 17, 2007 : Version 5.1 (743 KB) Install Download
  • Includes all fixes and enhancement of the 5.0.1RC versions
  • Changed: Locales: bg-BG, da-DK, de-DE, el-GR, en-US, es-ES, fa-IR, fi-FI, fr-FR, he-IL, hr-HR, it-IT, ja-JP, ko-KR, nl-NL, pl-PL, ro-RO, ru-RU, sk-SK, sv-SE, tr-TR, uk-UA, zh-CN,
  • If using CLEO, it must be updated to CLEO 3.1

August 27, 2007 : Version 5.0.1RC2 (613 KB) Install Download
  • New: Check for pending extension installations before backing up.
  • New: Display/Import/Export FEBE configuration completed
  • Changed: Changed the way default preferences are declared (febeDefaultPrefs.js)
  • Fixed: Fixed FEBE crash when "Display progress window" option was unchecked
  • New:Timestamp backups now support ISO8601 and European formats
  • Fixed: Fix link on results report to network drive destination directory
  • Changed: Rewrote some help files to be more descriptive
  • en-US locale only, other locales included, but not updated yet
  • Fixed: Should now backup profiles named "profile" (affected Portable Firefox users)
  • Changed: Warn about restart in clear prefs window
  • New:FEBE Start page displays after new install/update
  • Changed: Comprehensive sanity check - item must exist before backup attempted
  • Changed: Toolbar check for visibility before disabling ("febeTLBRbutton")
  • Changed: Ignore "Already exists" error when copying zip binaries
  • Fixed: Prevent runaway scheduled backups
  • New:Added "Display Configuration" button (FEBE Options > Info)
  • Known Issues:
  • Import/export configuration not yet implemented
  • Check for pending extension installs not yet implemented
  • Some help screens not yet written
  • en-US locale only, other locales included, but not updated yet

July 1, 2007 : Version 5.0 (598 KB) Install Download Alternate install link: AMO
  • New:Mac OS X support (Free BSD)
  • Changed: Name change ("Environment" instead of "Extension")
  • Changed: Extensions/themes backup now optional (Options > Options)
  • Changed: Backup type - Selective or Full profile (Options > Options)
  • New:Buttons to manage FEBE temp file (Options > Debug)
  • New:Button to clear FEBE preferences (Options > Debug)
  • New:Options to display progress window and results page (Options > Options)
  • New:Displays system dependent information (Options > Notes)
  • New:Button to view backup destination directory contents (Options > (Directory)
  • Changed: Differentiate between errors and warnings on results page
  • Changed: Display error/warnings on results page first
  • New:Button to display FEBE install directory contents (Options > Notes)
  • New:Option to warn on clearing destination directory (Options > Directory)
  • New:Display Firefox version (Options > Notes > System)
  • New:Option for max timestamped directories to keep (Options > Directory)
  • New:Option to include a copy of FEBE with backup (Options > Options)
  • New:Option to disable permission check (Options > Debug > Misc)
  • New:Added buttons to shell to FEBE install and FEBE tmp directories. This should be helpful in debugging permission, etc. (Options > Debug > Shells)
  • New: Added UI for user-defined backups - single files or entire directories. (For backing up Thunderbird, Greasemonkey scripts, etc.)
  • Changed: Alert and Confirm message boxes have new custom look.
  • New: Ability to abort scheduled backup (click statusbar icon when flashing)
  • Changed: Ability to drag and drop statusbar icon
  • "Copy to clipboard" button added to alert boxes when in debug mode
  • Changed: Can now specify FEBE tmp directory
  • New:Checks for new install and reminds to set/clear options
  • New:Option to run backup (on FX startup) if not performed after X days.
  • New:Added "Last backup" date to schedule pane
  • Changed: Locales: en-US, bg-BG, el-GR, es-ES, fr-FR, it-IT , ko-KR, nl-NL, pl-PL, sk-SK, sv-SE, zh-CN (More to come)

Author: Chuck Baker SoftwarebyChuck.com

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