FEBE 8.0
By: Chuck Baker
Firefox Environment Backup Extension

This is the official page for the Firefox Environment Backup Extension version 8. Note that FEBE 8 is a beta release and please be aware that there still might be some as-of-yet undiscovered issues. Please report any problems encountered in the FEBE support forum thread. I will strive to fix them as quickly as I can.

If this is a new installation, you will need to setup some options before you can create a backup. Go to Tools > FEBE > FEBE Options. The only option that absolutely must be set is your Backup destination directory under the Where to backup tab. You may want to explore the many other options while you're there, though.

Important: If you are upgrading from a previous FEBE major version or upgrading from a older Firefox version, you should clear your previous settings. Go to Tools > FEBE > FEBE Options > Advanced > Clear FEBE preferences.

March 26, 2014 v8.0beta13  Install  Download

March 24, 2014 v8.0beta12  Install  Download

March 17, 2014 v8.0beta11  Install  Download

March 12, 2014 v8.0beta10  Install  Download

March 8, 2014 v8.0beta9  Install  Download

March 2, 2014 v8.0beta8  Install  Download

February 17, 2014 v8.0beta7  Install  Download

February 12, 2014 v8.0beta6  Install  Download

February 10, 2014 v8.0beta5  Install  Download

January 20, 2014 v8.0beta4  Install  Download
January 18, 2014 v8.0beta3  Install  Download
January 8, 2014 v8.0beta2  Install  Download

January 5, 2014 v8.0beta  Install  Download

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